St. Thomas Trail System


With the support of community partners and local developers, St. Thomas has improved walkability by creating connections with new trails and sidewalks in the City. The new St. Thomas trail map is now available and can be found here or at locations throughout St. Thomas.

In 2018, an Elgin County Trails Study was completed as an activity of the Healthy Communities Partnership to identify opportunities to improve the trail network in Elgin County. For cycling and hiking routes in St. Thomas and Elgin County, click here for the 2018 Cycling and Hiking Trail Map 



Active Transportation is walking, running, hiking, biking and rolling.  It includes:

  • Active Recreation: Using Active Transportation modes for fitness and recreation (e.g., hiking, walking, cycling, etc.)
  • Active Destination Oriented Trips: Using Active Transportation modes for shopping, visiting  friends, attending sporting events, running errands etc.
  • Active Commuting: Using Active Transportation to get to and from work and school.
  • Active Workplace Travel: Using Active Transportation modes during the business day to attend meetings, make deliveries etc. 

Share the Road - Bikes Can Do That!

Share the Road is a public safety campaign to increase motorists’ and bicyclists’ awareness of shared             
responsibility for road safety. The campaign includes road side signage, education and awareness materials

Bicycles are vehicles under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act and have a right to be on the road.

~same road, same rules, same rights~





Obey all traffic laws, signs and signals

Bicycles are vehicles under the Highway Traffic Act and should be respected

Be patient, slow down and give one metre clearence when passing bikes

Check for bicyclists before opening your car door

Always look for pedestrians and cyclists before turning

Be patient, older pedestrians may need more time to cross the road

Stay alert, slow down and be prepared for the unexpected


Obey all traffic laws, signs and signals

Signal all turns

Ride one metre from the curb

Ride past parked cars as if all the car doors were open

Ride in a straight line on the right hand side of the road

Wear a helmet and bright clothing

Bikes are required to have a horn or bell, white light on the front and red reflectors or red light on the back

When cycling on trails, pedestrians have the righ of way; please use bell/horn when passing

Where there is no sidewalk, walk facing traffic

Cross at marked crosswalks or traffic lights, not in the middle of the block or between parked cars

Make sure drivers see you before you cross

Cross only when traffic has come to a complete stop

Watch for traffic turning at intersections or driveways

Wear bright clothing with reflective strips when walking in dusk or darkness

When walking on trails, keep right to allow others to pass

All Elgin St Thomas municipalities have officially adopted this Cycling Master Plan. The Plan was developed by the Healthy Communities Partnership which includes representation from each of the area municipalities and staff from Southwestern Public Health.

The Elgin St Thomas Cycling Master Plan:
• identifies primarily on road cycling routes to connect each of the municipalities,
• positions our community to access additional provincial and federal dollars,
• allows our community to tap into a huge cycle tourism market,
• encourages residents to become more active and have improved health outcomes.
• provides residents who do not have access to a vehicle (due to disability, income or choice) improved safety and mobility
• connects Elgin St Thomas cycling routes with routes identified in neighbouring Chatham-Kent and Oxford.

To review the routes and learn more about the project click on the PDF file. If you have questions, concerns or want to learn more about the project contact Southwestern Public Health by emailing or by calling 519 -631-9900 ext. 1304.