Biking Tips and Tools

Share the Road

Cyclists are a vehicle under the Highway Traffic Act and are responsible for sharing the road, following the same rules, they have the same rights as motor vehicles.

It is important to remember the following when cycling:

  • Obey all traffic laws, signs and signals
  • Signal all turns
  • Ride one metre from the curb
  • Ride past parked cars as if all the car doors were open
  • Ride in a straight line on the right hand side of the road
  • Wear a helmet and bright clothing
  • Bikes are required to have a horm or bell, white light on the fron and red reflectors or red light on the back
  • When cycling on trails, pedestrians have the right of way; please use bell/horn when passing

CAA Bike Safety

In Canada, an increasing number of people are commuting to school or work on a bicycle while many simply ride for fun or exercise. With so much traffic on the road, it's important that motorists and cyclists work together and understand their roles and responsibilities and share the road.

✓ Road Skills & Tips
✓ Bicycle Maintenance & care
✓ ABC check
✓ How to fit a bike
✓ Choosing a helmet

CAA Bike Assist (Roadside Assistance Program)

As more and more people are moving towards a greener lifestyle, the number of cyclists taking to the roads has increased significantly. Whether you're commuting to work, running an errand or simply enjoying a cycle, being stranded with a flat tire or broken chain is a hassle. We're here to help! Enter Bike Assist - roadside assistance for your bicycle.

Ministry of Transportation Guide to Safe Cycling

Cycling can be enjoyed safely when you understand the rules of the road and practice proper safety and handling techniques. This is your guide to cycling safety. Whether you're new to cycling or you are an experienced cyclist, this guide contains important information, tips and techniques to make you a safe, confident rider.

Ministry of Transportation Young Cyclists Guide

Biking is a fun activity that gives you the freedom to go places.  It's a form of transportation that is good for your body, and good for the planet.  Cyclists also have to share the road with cars, pedestrians and other cyclists. This guide has information on bicycle equipment, riding tips, and the rules of the road to keep you safe while cycling.