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Outdoor Skating Rinks Winter 2017-2018

Thanks to the generous volunteers in St. Thomas and across Elgin County, several outdoor ice rinks will be built for public skating this winter! Please note the availability of these rinks is dependent on weather conditions. Here is a list of the confirmed locations for the 2017-2018 winter season:

  • Christ Church, 283 Colborne Street, Port Stanley
  • 1 Scotland Street, Dutton                                                                                   
  • Faith Church, 345 Fairview Ave, St. Thomas
  • Rodney Recreation Centre, 135 Queen Street, West Elgin 
  • Straffordville Community Centre, Bayham

Check your local rink sign for rules and regulations as well as the times that the rink will be open. Outdoor rinks are volunteer run. Adult supervision of young children is recommended. Bundle up and have fun!